Books 1 to 7 of the Rowland Sinclair Series

The Rowland Sinclair Mysteries are a series of novels about Rowland Sinclair and his three friends, Edna Higgins, Clyde Watson Jones and Elias "Milton" Isaacs, who find themselves drawn to murder and mayhem. Beginning in 2010, the series, by Sulari Gentill, is still in continuation.

Books Edit

A Few Right Thinking Men (2010) Edit

A Decline in Prophets (2011) Edit

Miles Off Course (2012) Edit

Paving the New Road (2012) Edit

Gentlemen Formerly Dressed (2013) Edit

A Murder Unmentioned (2014) Edit

Give the Devil His Due (2015) Edit

The Prodigal Son (2016) Edit

A Dangerous Language (2017) Edit

Future Edit

The ninth novel in the Rowland Sinclair Series is due out in 2018.

Reception Edit

This wiley detective makes us think of Miss Marple or Inspector Poirot…’ – ABC Radio National’s The Book Show

‘Impressive stories set against the 1930s’ – The Sydney Morning Herald

‘There’s an Evelyn-Waugh-meets-Agatha-Christie feel about this series’ – The Age

‘Aquaint yourself with Rowly and his friends as they live their luxurious, turbulent lives.’ – The Australian Women’s Weekly

‘Before the engine on Rowly’s Mercedes has cooled, the young artist is embroiled in scandal… rollicking tales’ – The Sun-Herald

‘Daring adventure with a cracking plot, peopled by characters who will charm your pants off’ – The Age