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A wiki about the historical crime fiction series by Sulari Gentill. Set in 1930s this series sees a group of sleuths solve numerous mysteries, from killer motor races to near revolution in New South Wales. Rowland Sinclair, mischievous younger son of an eminent grazing family and his group of live ins, Clyde Watson Jones, improvished sensible painter, Elias "Milton" Isaacs, self stylised, plagaristic communist poet and Edna Higgins, the brazen sculptress, become quite adept at solving mysteries, particularly murders.

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"The Award-Winning Rowland Sinclair Mystery Series by Sulari Gentill is a charming historical crime series, set in the 1930s in Australia and overseas. Each novel can be read as a stand alone story, or as part of the series.

Rowland, the youngest of the respectable and influential Sinclair family, has a talent for scandal. His family consider him the black sheep, because he is an artist and associates with the 'riff raff' of society - Milton, Clyde and of course Edna, the beautiful bohemian sculptress (and his love interest).

These four companions continue to find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time - playing amateur detectives while stumbling across murder and mayhem, all set to the glamorous and darkening backdrop of the 1930s."


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